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The Groom Room has been open since 1999.  It is run by myself, Kirsten Cowling, with a great deal of help from my family!  I got into dog grooming almost by accident.  For years I clipped horses and gradually people started to ask me to run the horse clippers over their dogs!  Eventually I realised that people were looking for a well run, reasonably priced salon to take their precious pets to.  At that point I decided to train as a groomer and the rest, as they say, is history.  I try to ensure that every dog is looked after to a standard that I would want for my own 2 boys (although I am not willing to give clients my lunch!).

Every dog that comes in is shampooed twice with quality dog shampoo then conditioned if required.  All dogs are then dried then clipped or trimmed to their owners specifications.  They have their nails clipped and their ears cleaned and, if requested, they have their anal glands emptied (I love my work!).  Everyone then gets a spray of doggy cologne and a wee bow (special bows at Christmas and New Year!).

My commitment to you, the owner, is to ensure your dog is as happy at all times as I can.  Obviously not all dogs are delighted to be with me but I try to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  Should your dog be extremely matted I would recommend shaving down the coat and starting again as hairstyles have to suit lifestyles and hairstyles shouldn't hurt.

MY BOYS - Splash

and Leo - you've gotta love a jolly collie!